Virtual CFO Service

Virtual CFO Service

As a successful business owner, you want clarity about where you’re financially at, and you want confidence in your future. You want the financial components of your business to be thriving, organized, and fully aligned with the way you run the rest of your business.

Let me help you get there as your Virtual CFO.

I work with business owners who want to change the way they approach their business finances and work from a place of financial empowerment. I’ll help you make proactive financial decisions, grow your income, establish a plan to safeguard your future, keep more money in your pocket, and feel great about your financial picture.

My approach is different than the “traditional” way of dividing up financial responsibilities between many different people (a bookkeeper, a CPA, a financial planner, a tax strategist, etc.) Not only does the traditional way often create mistakes, but most importantly, it fails to create a true, holistic financial plan that is aligned with your business, your life and ALL your goals.

I typically take on both Fractional CFO  & Fractional Controller responsibilities for the few companies I work with. I merge these positions together and call them “Virtual CFO.”

As your Virtual CFO, I’ll take care of #AllTheBusinessMoneyThings—from Managing Cash Flow, to the Bookkeeping, to Tax Strategy, to Filing your Tax Return, to Budgeting, to Financial Planning, to Money Mindset Coaching, and so much more! Essentially, my job is to fully support you with ALL aspects of your business finances.


What’s Typically Included in the Virtual CFO Service… 

*Please note this is not an exhaustive list because I tailor my services to you & your business’ needs.
  • Ongoing Money Coaching (this is focused on improving your money mindset and helping you lead your business in the direction you want to go)
  • Regular support via phone, email, or video conference
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Cash flow management
  • Optimized tax strategy (on-going guidance & support in the structuring of your financial practices & deductions so that you keep more money in your pocket)
  • Tax projections
  • Quarterly estimated tax payment calculations
  • Tax preparation for both your business & personal tax returns
  • Filing of both your business & personal tax return
  • IRS audit support
  • Weekly Bookkeeping (coding)
  • Monthly Reconciliation of business bank accounts, liabilities, & assets
  • Customized financial reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, plus others by Request)
  • Help eliminating debt
  • Payroll support
  • Filing and tracking of subcontractor payments throughout the year
  • Year-end filing of subcontractor payments (1099s)
  • Retirement contribution analysis & planning
  • Hosting of your accounting software

If this service sounds like a match for you & your business, click on the button below & schedule a free consultation.



Erin Armstrong is a CFO, Business Tax & Money Coach, and Licensed Enrolled Agent, who’s on a mission to financially empower small business owners and female entrepreneurs.

Erin’s unique approach focuses on the nuts & bolts of business finances, such as accounting practices, tax strategy, profitability, budgeting, & cash flow. Simultaneously, she helps her clients identify their financial fears and improve their money mindset so that they can move forward in a confident, proactive and empowered way.

Erin has worked with hundreds of business owners across the country in dozens of industries. She has also led workshops in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and other major US cities. Erin has been featured in media such as Connected Women’s Magazine, the Huffington Post, and the Forbes’ acclaimed She Did It Her Way podcast. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with her husband and daughter, and their dog, Hilda.