Let Me Ask...

Are you confident that your business is set up in a way that will financially benefit + protect you and your family?

How secure do you feel about the prospect of an audit?

Can you truthfully say you’re making informed financial decisions and running your business in a way that makes you feel both powerful and at ease?

Your business is so much more than just a job… you’ve invested in it, sacrificed for it, and spent countless hours getting the details just right.

It’s an extension of who you are.

Now it’s time to take the final step and get your business finances in order.

Are you ready to transform your relationship with business finances and work from a place of power?

Up to this point, you may have received vague and contradictory advice when it comes to business accounting or taxes …

Perhaps you’ve even been shamed for questions you’ve asked. I get it. Many years ago, I was there too.

But the good news?

You can work from a place of Empowerment.

Let me guide you there.

You and your business have a unique set of financial needs and goals—in our work together, I honor that.

Because what you need isn’t one-size-fits-all advice. Instead, you need assurance you’re moving forward in a way that safeguards & provides for you and your specific business.

That’s why I’ve developed a one-on-one coaching program, Transform Your Business Finances, which is designed to give you the financial answers & support you need.

Our work focuses on 4 key money areas that really make THE difference in putting you at the financial helm of your business.


Securing Your Foundation

This covers things like financial goals, whether your current business legal structure is the most advantageous for you, how your current tax rate and filing status could be improved, and how to fully separate your business and personal money so that your assets are safe.

Managing Your Money

This covers things like creating a formula to accurately estimate your quarterly tax payments, improving your bookkeeping system, developing a business savings plan, determining the best way to pay yourself, budgeting, and finding the right bookkeeper and tax filer for your business.

Maximizing & Protecting Your Deductions

This covers things like finding additional tax deductions that your business hasn’t been claiming, legally maximizing your deductions, understanding how the legal structure of your business affects how it qualifies for deductions, and audit-proofing your deductions.

Preparing for the Future

This covers things like understanding the financial implications of hiring subcontractors vs employees, maximizing your retirement contributions, projecting your tax exposure, and developing a plan to reduce your debt.

Get Started Now

This coaching program is NOT an online course or a group program. The information and tools that I provide will be based on your unique business situation, as well as your specific goals.

I combine my expertise as

I’ll mentor you and guide you to where you want to be by providing a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as regular email support and follow-up to help you achieve all your goals. You’ll also receive numerous reference materials that I’ve developed to help you keep your business finances & taxes on track going forward.

You can rest assured that what I share is solidly grounded in tax law and GAAP compliant accounting practices (without all the confusing jargon).

I understand that addressing the money stuff will inevitably bring up some emotional baggage. I’m prepared for that, and believe in a holistic approach.

I want a different life for you.

One where you’re working from a place of financial power and light.

Because it will save you money and give you peace of mind. And, most importantly, it will let you follow your passion and do more of what you love.