Whether you identify as a creative, small business owner, solopreneur or freelancer, it can be challenging to find a list of applicable small business creative tax deductions!

(I don’t know about you, but I’ve looked at multiple lists of small business tax deductions only to find they’re primarily comprised of personal tax deductions. Puzzled Weird.)

I think every business deserves access to good small business creative tax deduction information because it can easily be the difference in paying thousands more every year in taxes. And when you’re not in the accounting profession, it can be hard to figure all this stuff out–I certainly know that from experience.

So today I’m sharing my list of the top 74 business tax deductions for creatives and small business owners. Many of the deductions on this list are often overlooked or not talked about, and I’m up for changing that!

Anyhow, before we dive deep into the top tax deductions for small business owners, let me first tell you there are links to several niche profession tax checklists over here (such as bloggers, realtors, virtual assistants, health coaches, fitness instructors, performing artists, and direct sellers). If you fit into one of these classifications, you might want to hop over there. Otherwise, let’s keep going…

List of Small Business Creative Tax Deductions:

  • Office Rentals (including co-work spaces)
  • Office Rental Utilities
  • Location Rentals (plus fees associated with providing a physical space for what your business needs like event insurance)
  • Home Office Deduction*
  • Home Office Utilities*
  • Home Office Repairs & Improvements*
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Fees (either to a professional or for legal templates like these)
  • PR Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Payroll Wages*
  • Payroll Processing Fees
  • Employer Taxes
  • Employee Training Costs
  • Employee Fringe Benefits*
  • 1099 Subcontractors
  • Organizational Costs*
  • Start-Up Costs*
  • Office Supplies
  • Equipment*
  • Furniture
  • Cell Phone*
  • Landline*
  • VOIP
  • Software
  • Business Gifts
  • Job Materials Inventory*
  • Auto Expenses*
  • Parking Expenses
  • Your blog theme and purchased plug-ins
  • Your hosting
  • Your domain
  • Any web design services or maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Professional photography for promotional materials
  • Professional videography
  • Professional styling*
  • Graphic design
  • Business cards
  • Promotional mailings
  • +31 more small business tax deductions (download your beautiful, free checklist to get access to these 31 additional deductions below)

To get the complete tax deduction list with 31 more small business tax deductions, make sure you download your free checklist here:

To really be able to write-off the lucrative stuff in a way that will withstand audits, you want to make sure you understand exactly what rules and procedures you need to follow. Not only will this keep you, your business and your money safe, you’ll learn how to write-off more than you probably thought was possible in a totally ethical way that doesn’t take much of your time.

On that note…

You might have noticed asterisks after some of the items in the list above. Essentially, every item marked with an asterisk is a tax deduction that’s a little more complex or needing of some extra care. So, if you plan on taking these deductions, please make sure you understand all the requirements of these deductions and keep very specific records to ensure they are never challenged by the IRS. I help clients every day figure out how to qualify for, calculate, and audit-proof deductions like these and would be honored to help you too.

So Over To You:

Anything surprising in this list? What’s been your experience with small business creative tax deductions? Share below!

PS. Make sure you download your Small Business Tax Deduction checklist for easy reference:

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