Erin Armstrong - About - CFO & Business Coach

If you’re ready to create a healthy, financially sustainable business,

I’m Erin Armstrong, a Virtual CFO and Business Coach.

Since 2011, I have run a small company that has helped hundreds of business owners, creatives, contractors & coaches:

  • Build strong financial foundations
  • Grow their revenue & profits
  • Maximize their tax savings
  • Optimize & understand their accounting
  • Plan for their future, and
  • Make empowered, confident financial decisions.

I Believe…

  • I believe you need a clear picture of your business’ financial situation. Fully understanding your financial situation is the only way you can make the best financial decisions for your business. Often, this becomes the difference between continuing to stay in business or closing shop.
  • I believe in a comprehensive, holistic approach to business finances. The financial aspects of your business (such as legal structure, accounting practices, tax strategy, cash flow, etc.) are all interrelated and influence each other. I help clients deal with these different financial components in a coordinated way, and I help them understand the interplay and connection between all the financial pieces.
  • I believe in knowing the tax law and using it to your advantage. Here in the United States, tax laws (and IRS regulations) are very friendly to small and medium-sized businesses—not just large corporations. Regardless of what kind of business you own, there are tax benefits and strategies that you should be taking advantage of. (I’ll help you learn about them and use them!)
  • I believe in focusing on your specific priorities and goals. Your business financial goals can be influenced by many factors, including your work style, your personal or family lifestyle, and your short and long-term financial needs. I never use a cookie-cutter approach when creating a business financial plan—your goals always remain front and center.
  • I believe your money mindset can affect your ability to make good financial decisions. Negative beliefs or emotions related to money can have a detrimental impact on your business, whether they stem from prior financial mishaps, the financial instability of your family when you were a child, or engrained negative money beliefs. If your money mindset is holding you back in our work together, I’ll help you start shifting to one that is proactive, forward thinking, and empowered.
Erin Armstrong - Business Coach & Virtual CFO - Testimonials - Adri Smoth - Moss Floral Design

“She was exactly what I have been looking for”

Erin blew me away with her kindness, approachability, in-depth review, and flexibility. She was exactly what I have been looking for in regards to answering my questions about where I should go with my business. She shed so much light on what I can do better, and how I can approach my taxes that will benefit me in the future. She is a great coach and financial advisor!

– Adri Smith, Moss Floral Design

Erin Armstrong - Business Coach & Virtual CFO - Testimonials - Jan Marie - Therapist and Life Coach - Founder of Jan Marie Inc.

“Erin has saved me thousands of dollars & brought me peace.”

Erin’s made the process of managing the financial part of my business easy. She was supportive, and understood the needs I’d have as my business grew. Her resources were invaluable, and her knowledge and references to federal tax law made me feel confident in handling my business finances moving forward. She has helped me save thousands of dollars, and brought me peace.

– Jan Marie, Jan Marie Inc.

Erin Armstrong - Business Coach & Virtual CFO - Testimonials - Lea Gervais - Entrepreneur and Founder of Urban 20 Something

“Erin was a critical part of the financial foundation of my business.”

Erin was a critical part of the financial foundation of my business. I worked with her right before my business was able to hit six figures in revenue and it’s no coincidence- her guidance is clear, she puts you in full control and power of your finances. I recommend working with Erin to any entrepreneur wanting to elevate their own knowledge and their business future.

– Leah Gervais, Urban 20 Something

Erin Armstrong - Business Coach & Virtual CFO - Testimonials - Kristin Moses - DesignGood

“Thanks to Erin we are on track to have our highest grossing year ever!”

Erin works with us on regular basis to make key decisions that impact our business in day-to-day operations, helps us make informed (and smart) decisions based on our long-term financial goals and set new goals for the future based on opportunities we would not have seen otherwise. I would highly recommend her to anyone with a business. Thanks to Erin we are on track to have our highest grossing year ever!

– Kristin Moses, DesignGood

Erin Armstrong - Business Coach & Virtual CFO - Testimonials - Krystal Faircloth

“Erin has changed the course of my business”

Erin has changed the course of my business by giving it a financial structure better suited for success. I can’t recommend Erin enough for her ability to make intimidating terminology and systems both easy and understandable.

– Krystal Faircloth, A Pinch of Lovely

“Erin is the financial professional your business needs.”

Erin is the financial professional your business needs! I needed to establish a solid financial foundation for my company and Erin helped me do that. She pays close attention to detail and allays any fears you may have through her depth of knowledge and warm affect. Erin is worthy of your trust and confidence.

– Katie Deolloz, Walking as a Practice

“She goes above and beyond and I so appreciate her. She also explains things in a way that makes sense.”

I’m a female entrepreneur with a small business and Erin has been a joy to work with and have as a partner. She is charismatic, caring, and genuinely wants to help. She goes above and beyond to partner with me and I so appreciate her. She also explains things in a way that makes sense, plus she’s incredibly patient. I highly recommend Erin – she’s saving me money and sanity!

– Grace Gittinger, GG & Co


Erin Armstrong is a Chief Financial Officer, Business Coach and Tax Strategist who’s on a mission to financially empower business owners. Her unique, comprehensive approach integrates all the financial aspects of your business (such as accounting practices, tax strategy, profitability, budgeting, & cash flow) with an emphasis on developing a positive money mindset so you can move forward in a confident, proactive and empowered way.

Over the past 11 years, Erin has worked with hundreds of businesses across the country as a Virtual CFO, Accountant, Tax & Financial Consultant, Business Coach, and Speaker. She’s also led business financial workshops in many major cities throughout the US. Erin is an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS. She lives with her husband and daughter (and their two dogs) in the Dallas area.

A little more about me…

I’ve been happily married for 15 years. My husband retired from his career as a first responder and now works with me.
We have an awesome 7-year-old daughter who loves climbing trees, making her own tea, and thinking of new tricks to teach our dogs.
I graduated from Pepperdine University magna cum laude. Pepperdine’s campus is in Malibu, CA, overlooking the ocean—this inspired my love of being on the water, but it also made it difficult to get any work done!
I typically read well over 100 books per year (usually a mix of business books, biographies, and random non-fiction).
Gardening is my antidote for too much time spent on the computer. I love growing all kinds of flowers, but roses are my favorite (I have 18 different varieties of roses in my garden).
I love paddleboarding and canoeing on our local lake. One of our family goals is to canoe on all 15 of the major rivers in Texas.

Are you ready to work from a place of financial empowerment?

It’s never too late or too early to improve the financial side of your business.

(And, in fact, as your business grows and changes, it’s often important to revisit this again!)

You can get started by requesting a Virtual CFO consultation, applying for VIP Business Coaching, or joining my membership Business Money Mindset!

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