Join me LIVE in Dallas on October 9th!

Dallas Small Business Owners – Join me October 9th for a live event, Financial Ownership for Small Business Owners, which is all about taking ownership of your finances! Money talk can feel heavy–but this night will be anything but. 😉 Instead, let’s talk finances in a way that’s empowering, freeing & invigorating! Think of it as a mini-workshop + open discussion for female business owners… It’s the perfect financial introduction for anyone who has confusion, overwhelm, or just wants to learn more about some of the financial stuff, AND it’s a perfect re-entry point for those who know their business […]

4 Tips to Become a More Financially Empowered Business Owner

What really financially empowers business owners? While everyone’s situation is different, there are a few universal things that make a big difference. So here are my 4 tips to become a more financially empowered business owner:   1. Show Up for Yourself Show up for yourself! If you aren’t clear about a specific financial, tax or accounting aspect of your business, or you have misgivings about financial advice, pause. Ask for clarification. Get help. Respect your intuition… Just like you would in other areas of your business and life. Because when we ignore & push our financial issues to the back-burner, […]

A Fear Too Taboo To Talk About…

Over this past year, in private coaching sessions & conversations, I’ve noticed a prevalent, sweeping financial fear that feels almost too taboo to talk about. What I’ve realized is that many entrepreneurs, especially female, share this fear… which tends to grow as they become more visible, more successful, more praised as a role model & for making a difference in others’ lives… That nagging, perhaps low-grade, but perpetually growing fear is that they’ll be found out as a financial “failure” or “fraud.” Now realistically, in my work, I’ve yet to encounter someone who’s a financial fraud. But this fear isn’t […]

Ultimate List of Photographer, Visual Artist & Graphic Designer Tax Deductions

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a new tax deduction list so today I’m sharing an awesome tax deduction checklist list for photographers, visual artists, and graphic designers! I enjoy sharing these lists because I believe in financial empowerment, and I know that the only person who can truly maximize your deductions is You! So whether you’re just starting out or are operating as a full-blown corporation, this huge list of tax deductions will lead you down the right path to writing off as many expenses as you legally can. Now, before we jump into the deductions, I want to mention […]

Two Simple Last-Minute Tax Tips

Whether you’re looking to save money, lower your tax bill, or simply have confidence you took smart year-end actions, there are many things you can do to help lower your tax bill. But today I’m going to share my favorite two simple last-minute tax tips! These two last-minute tips have pretty universal relevance to small business owners. And best yet? They’re easy to implement! So let’s get going… *Side note: if you go through the tips and find yourself wanting more help tailoring tax strategy to your specific situation, let’s chat.* #1) Defer your business’ income. Assuming you’re filing on a […]

Why I’m Done with Goals

Recently I decided I’m done with goals. Yep. Done. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, this probably seems counterintuitive coming from someone who runs a business. I’ll also admit being “done” with goals starkly contrasts my natural (and decades-established) tendencies. Aaaand, if I’m being real, it even runs counter to some of the advice I’ve given women business owners—especially in relation to pricing their services and valuing their time. But, for the moment—and perhaps for forever—I’ve decided I’m done with goals. Here’s why. It’s Easy to Become Enslaved to Them From my experience, once you establish goals, it’s easy […]

What the New Tax Bill Means for Small Business Owners & Freelancers

*This article was updated January 8th, 2019, to provide more detailed information as it has been issued and clarified by the IRS. If you’re anything like me, you anxiously followed the white house legislation to see what the new tax bill means for small business owners and the self-employed. Taxes owed can often feel like the difference between success or failure (and sometimes truly are), so I wanted to break down what the tax bill *actually* means for small businesses. Spoiler: For a majority of small business owners, the tax bill is beneficial – feel free to skip to the summary. Now, first things […]

The Unabridged List of Performing Artist Tax Deductions

IF… You’re a performing artist (an actress or actor, musician, dancer, on-air talent, magician…), You want to save money, and You’re uncertain about what you can write off that would qualify as performing artist tax deductions, THEN… You’re in the right place! As someone who is self-employed, let alone a performing creative, it can be a serious challenge to understand what you’re able to write off.  In a prior life, I was a SAG actress myself, so I’ve been in your shoes and I get how confusing this can be! In fact, I remember not only receiving conflicting information from seasoned […]