Why I’m Done with Goals


Recently I decided I’m done with goals. Yep. Done. Now, I’ll be the first to admit, this probably seems counterintuitive coming from someone who runs a business. I’ll also admit being “done” with goals starkly contrasts my natural (and decades-established) tendencies. Aaaand, if I’m being real, it even runs counter to some of the advice I’ve given women business owners—especially in relation to pricing their services and valuing their time. But, for the moment—and perhaps for forever—I’ve decided I’m done with goals. Here’s why. It’s Easy to Become Enslaved to Them From my experience, once you establish goals, it’s easy […]

What the New Tax Bill Means for Small Business Owners & Freelancers

What the new tax bill actually means for your small business

If you’re anything like me, you anxiously followed the white house legislation to see what the new tax bill means for small business owners and the self-employed. Taxes owed can often feel like the difference between success or failure (and sometimes truly are), so I wanted to break down what the tax bill *actually* means for small businesses. Spoiler: For a majority of small business owners, the tax bill is beneficial – feel free to skip to the summary. Now, first things first… If you’ve spent any time watching the congressional debates or reading online synopses over the tax bill, you might have […]

The Unabridged List of Performing Artist Tax Deductions

Performing Artist Tax Deductions

IF… You’re a performing artist (an actress or actor, musician, dancer, magician…) You want to save money, OR You’re uncertain about what you can write off that would qualify as performing artist tax deductions THEN… You’re in the right place! As someone who is self-employed, let alone a performing creative, it can be a serious challenge to understand what you’re able to write off.  In a prior life, I was a SAG actress myself, so I’ve been in your shoes and I get how confusing this can be! In fact, I remember not only receiving conflicting information from seasoned professionals who’d […]

The Most Thorough Virtual Assistant Tax Deduction List

Virtual Assistant Tax Deduction List

Do you consider yourself a virtual assistant? Or, do you provide remote admin support from a home office? If you said yes  (and you’re looking for answers on virtual assistant tax deductions), terrific! This is the blogpost for you. 🙂 Whether you’re a 1099 subcontractor (considered a sole proprietor by the IRS), or operating under an S-Corp, you have tons of legit business expenses you can write off every year! You may say, “But wait, I’m not sure what counts as a virtual assistant tax deduction.”  Don’t worry – keep reading for the entire virtual assistant tax deductions list! Virtual […]

Complete Guide to Direct Seller Tax Deductions

direct seller tax deductions

Picture this: you’re a direct seller or multi-level marketer, but you’ve received some  about what expenses you can write off as direct seller tax deductions and now… you’re not sure (and maybe even feeling a little paralyzed). Does that sound familiar? Yes? Then you’re in the right place! I work with creative small business owners and soloproneurs (including direct sellers), and I wanted to share some information to help you out! Because I know that when you take the time to learn all about your business tax deductions, you’ll likely benefit to the tune of thousands a year–and who doesn’t […]