A Full List of Realtor Tax Deductions

realtor tax deductions

Are you a realtor, working for yourself, and looking for a complete list of realtor tax deductions? If you’ve answered yes to all, then you’re in the right place! Chances are you’ve come looking for a list of what you can write off as tax deductions because you’ve received some conflicting advice of what you can and can’t write-off…and probably from other realtors! I’ve worked with many small businesses and soloproneurs (including realtors!) over the years and I figured I could take all the knowledge I’ve gained and create a helpful list to get you on your way. So here […]

Two Money Spending Habits That’ll Change Your Life

money spending habits

Money Spending Habits? Pretty much all of us could be better with our money spending habits. I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve spent money on questionable stuff plenty of times. (We all have!) Let’s see… there was an impulse orange, geometric dress that I wore once and thought “What am I thinking?! This is not flattering or my style”…  a webinar course that I still have the intention of going through (but, let’s be honest, I haven’t found the time in a whole 2 years!)… a funky, hose chandelier from Paris that not only did I cart home as a carry-on, […]

A Complete List of Fitness Instructor Tax Deductions

fitness instructor tax deductions

So, you’re a fitness instructor running your own business or working for yourself out of a separate location (YMCA, local gym, etc.). You’re rockin’ your clients’ workouts, working hard in and out of the gym, but you’re unsure of the tax situation of your job. And now, you’re looking for clarity on fitness instructor tax deductions! I totally get it. I may not be a fitness instructor, but I know how tricky it can be to navigate the financial side of owning your own business! I’m sure you’ve gotten some conflicting advice about what can and can’t be taken as […]

One Stop Shop for Health Coach Tax Deductions

health coach tax deductions

So you’re looking for clarity on health coach tax deductions… Let me ask… Are you a health coach? Do you work for yourself? Are you trying to find a list that will tell you what you count as tax deductions for your business because you keep getting conflicting advice? If you just said yes three times, then you should 100% keep reading because you’re in the right place! I’ve worked with quite a few health coaches over the years in order to streamline their accounting and to maximize their tax deductions, so I figured I would put everything I’ve learned […]

How to figure out what to pay yourself


So how do you even begin to figure out what to pay yourself?! On the surface, this sounds like a fun conversation. But, it can be pretty tricky for you or anyone who owns a business to comfortably decide what to write on their own paycheck. So, I’m here to help you out! Let’s go over what you need to consider:  #1)   Side Hustle or All-in? If you’re all-in on your business, you need to have some money saved up to begin with. In contrast, with a side hustle (that you’re eventually planning on replacing your current salary with), you can […]

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