Best Bookkeeping Software for Your Small Business

Best Bookkeeping Software Small Business

You’re wondering… what’s the best bookkeeping software for small business? And that’s a great question! I’ve done a few of these side-by-side comparisons of U.S. accounting software systems for U.S. small businesses, and I decided it was about time for a new one! The last two posts still have some relevant information, and if you’re interested in learning more about the progression of the software discussed in this review then reading them can be super helpful. However, there are definitely some changes and upgrades, even from last year’s post as to what’s the best bookkeeping software for smaller businesses. While I am an accounting professional, my focus in this article is from a user perspective. I also am very concerned about fully covering a business owner in the bookkeeping and accounting records departments (because no one likes to find out they don’t have what they thought they had). With this article, I want to try to show you what functions are possible, as well as how easy different functions are to use. So without further ado, let’s compare the most popular bookkeeping software options of QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero and Freshbooks. If you just want to jump to the conclusion, […]

When You Need to Downsize or Scale Your Business Back…

Today I’m going to talk about something that comes up for a lot of entrepreneurs—and that is when something in your life changes and you need to scale back the hours you spend on your business. When you need to downsize… You could make this decision for any number of reasons… Maybe you want more time with your kids, more time to travel, or less stress. Maybe it’s the new baby. Or maybe your Significant Other just started a new job with a lot more hours so you want to have room to pick up some slack at home.. As for me, I’ve had to deal with some major health challenges in the past few years. And you combine that with being a relatively new mom…I definitely reached a point where I knew I had to cut back on my work hours. But here’s the cool thing that I learned from my own experience (as well as talking with friends who’ve been in the same boat): When you’re intentional about making the decision to downsize, it can have some really positive—and unexpected—benefits. So let’s dive into those benefits… The Personal: The first one is obvious, but maybe you haven’t given […]

The Ultimate List of Blogger Tax Deductions

Ultimate List of Blogger Tax Deductions

So when you’re blogging and are rockin’ the online entrepreneurial world, you might find it difficult to get a list of blogger tax deductions that seem super applicable to you. I get it. I had a similar experience when I ran 2 creative businesses (which was prior to the online boom of these last few years). And I’ve been witness to this particular online business frustration as I’ve worked with entrepreneurs running their online businesses. Your business is structured differently than most people working in more traditional office settings. And that structure changes what you do on a daily basis, which influences how you make your money. Which also influences where you spend your money to make your money. One of the key differences in online business tax deductions are expenses that affect anything visual your customer sees. Why? Well, we’ve all heard the saying that image is everything. And while we all know that image doesn’t even scratch the surface of who we are in real life, when your whole business is on the web, what you present is what you’re selling. Now, one of the other things that often happens when you look at lists for blogger tax deductions […]

Why You Personally Need to Know What You Can Write-Off for Your Business

Tax deductions… write-offs… “Ummm, wait, doesn’t my accountant deal with that?” Today I want to talk about why it matters YOU know what you can write-off. Not for your bookkeeper to know. Not for your accountant to know. Not for your husband to know… Plain and simple: exactly why it matters that YOU know what you can write-off. Now – when I say write-off, you can also exchange the words “tax deductions” or “expenses.” Basically write-offs, tax deductions and expenses are all talking about money you can subtract for purchasing business-related things from the income you brought in. Write-offs are part of a mathematical equation used most notably for taxes, but also for your financial reports, and, often, to get a full picture of what’s going on in your business. So… back to why you as an entrepreneur or business owner personally need to have some understanding of what you can write-off. Well, first off, any money you write-off for your business, you get to deduct from the income you brought in. This means you’ll be paying less taxes. Often WAY less in taxes. SIDE NOTE: I’m ALL for paying taxes. But, I don’t believe you should pay more than […]

Gusto Review from a Real-Life User + Start Running Payroll in 5 Simple Steps

Gusto Payroll Review from a real-life user

SPOILER ALERT: this is a lengthy post as my Gusto review gives a TON of insight and tutorials… so feel free to skip directly to the part that applies to you: Start Running Payroll for your Business in 5 Simple Steps How I Became a Payroll Pro Gusto Payroll Review (With a Comparison of Payroll Providers) How to Set Up Your Account in Gusto Payroll (Tutorial #1) How to Sync your QuickBooks Online Account with Gusto (Tutorial #2) How to Run Payroll in Gusto (Tutorial #3) How to Set your Payroll to Automatic within Gusto Payroll (Tutorial #4) Start Running Payroll for Your Business in 5 Simple Steps Congrats! You’ve just hired your first employee (or are about to do so).   Or, maybe you just changed your business to an S-Corp, and now you have to start running payroll for yourself (as the biz owner). Either way, it’s an exciting milestone for you and your business.   At the same time… figuring out payroll can feel a little daunting.   That’s why I want to share 5 simple steps to start payroll for your small business! Hopefully it’ll save you time (and brainpower), and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running! […]

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